Tuesday Inspriation::Joyful Photography

Today’s Tuesday Inspriation is my dear friend, Sarah Long.  Sarah and I have been friends for 7 years (wow, has it really been that long Sar??).  We were both interpreters in the Olathe, KS school district and would carpool to inservices together.  She and her husband, Jason, became good friends and remain so now.

Six years ago, when I was very pregnant with Emma, Sarah offered to take my belly photos, and I happily took her up on it.  She was just getting started in the photo business, and it is really fun for me to see how she has progressed.

When Seth was 14 months old, we got together with Sarah and Jason and she did our family photos again.  And again, she amazed me!

Last August, the kids and I went to visit my folks in Omaha.  Sarah and her family, came up to visit.  She took lots of great pictures while we were there, and did my kiddo’s photos too!

When Sarah does pictures, it is very rarely the “staged” photos we are all used to.  She captures families and children in the moment and helps you to keep those memories forever.

Last November was our most recent photo shoot with Sarah.  We were in Kansas for Thanksgiving, and she did the Borchert family photos.  It was especially fun for a couple of reasons.  First, we went back to Lawrence for the pictures and second, we had an 11 day old baby there!

See, and as if that isn’t enough, she puts the pictures into storyboards also!

Honestly, this woman is amazing, and inspires me to find the joy in life.  She has 2 beautiful children, a booming photography business, and is just one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

So friends, meet Sarah Long, Mama, Friend and owner of Joyful Photography. And, to my readers and friends in Kansas, CALL HER!!!  She is AMAZING and does absolutely wonderful work.

Mwah!  Love you Sar!


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A Lovely Weekend

This weekend was lovely.  It rained and was cold all weekend, so we stayed inside and had a fantastic time together.

On Saturday, Jeremy and I made applesauce.  I can’t WAIT to dig into it, neither can the kids.  It was made with Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonathon and Golden Delicious apples.  It has a beautiful rosy color, and tastes just fantastic.

We read lots of books, I finshed Amelia’s slippers and started on Seths.  Jeremy went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference on Saturday night, so the kids and I started a new tradition.  We made apple crisp and Halloween decorations.  The apple crisp was YUMMY and the decorations were…well, fun.

On Sunday, we just stayed home, listened to General Conference again, and played games.  It was a really nice weekend.  Here are some pictures of our activities.

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Gratitude Sunday

Today, I am grateful for so many things.  Here are a few –

1. My loving husband that let me sleep until 10:00 this morning!!!  Libby was up all night, and I let him sleep, so he let me sleep this morning.  I woke up to a veggie omelet and my children playing nicely.  He rocks!

2. Making applesauce yesterday, then tomato basil soup (all ingredients from my garden too!), and apple crisp.  It was a YUMMY day!

3. General Conference yesterday and today.  I am so grateful that every 6 months, we have the opportunity to hear from the leader’s of our Church and be so spiritually uplifted and edified.

4. And this…they were playing Jeremy and Kim.  I love these hooligans.  They seriously make me laugh every day.  You should have seen Seth putting a diaper on one of the babies.  Hilarious!

How about you?  What are you grateful for today?

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My kids have got it, Imagination.  At any given moment they are NOT Seth and Amelia, but a cast of characters that I have a hard time keeping up with.

We could have Annie, Sandy-dog, Daddy Warbucks, Miss Farrell and “the girl that says ‘Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness'” or Baby Dog, Sheep, Frog, Pig and Ant (Word World) or Michael, Jane, Mary Poppins, Burt and one of the penguins or Uncle Chip, Aunt Nanny, Isaac (used to be Andrew, but recently changed to Isaac), Meredith and Tess or Super Why, Princess Pea, Red and Pig or…well, you get the picture.  I never know who these children will be.  I never know who I will be.

And, I’m glad.  I love that my children have such vivid imaginations.  While it gets a wee bit annoying at times (the fighting over who they are going to be and who they want me to be), I adore it.  People tell me that they’ve never known children with such great imaginations.  To me, it’s normal.  My nephew, who just turned 16, named everyone in our family after Star Wars characters when he was about 4.  I thought this was normal.

If it’s not normal, I’ll take abnormal anyday.  I’ll also take the confusion of  never knowing who I am.  Because I know that no matter who the kids tell me I am, I am their Mom.  It’s a good thing to be.

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Anyone Want Crab?

Today, Jeremy came home and he and the kids went crab fishing.  Seth and Amelia (I’m using real names now…I was getting too confused!) had set up blankets on the floor to be the land, and everything else was the water.  So, of course, what do you do the second you walk in the door from work?  Roll up your pants and go fishing for crabs (with your crab poles of course) to have a crab fest!  I love that man, he rocks.

Seth has been very concerned lately about who he is going to marry.  Here is a conversation that we had the other day –
Seth: Mom, when I grow up, I want to marry you.
Me: (thinking, OH! I love this boy!) Baby, you can’t marry me, I’m already married to Daddy.
Seth: Then, I’ll marry Libby (L).
Me:  But sweetie, she’s your sister, just like Amelia.  You can’t marry your sister, remember?
Seth:  But WHO will I marry???
Me:  I don’t know, but I bet she’ll be pretty great
Seth: Oh, ok.

He is cracking me up!  Today he came into the kitchen and said, “Mom, when I’m a Dad, if my Wife has 74 kids, I will have to take care of all of them.”  I replied, “yes, you will”.  Jeremy quickly jumped in and said, “74 kids is a lot!”.  Seth then said, “I’ll have as many as Uncle Chip then (he has 8).”.  He wants lots of kids, so he can play with them all day.  The boy never ceases to make me laugh!

Oh, and what’s a day without some baby love?  Here is Miss Libby yesterday, she is just SO stinking CUTE!

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The View From Where I Sit

This is just a part of why I am so very lucky.  Photos from the last few days tell it all.

Yes, I am very lucky, very lucky indeed.

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Tuesday Inspiration::Inspired Mama

Starting today, I will be spotlighting someone who inspires me.  This will happen each Tuesday.  You might know in advance if I am spotlighting you, or you might not 🙂  These may be folks with blogs, etsy shops, both, or none!  So, without further ado…

Today I am going to tell you about a friend of mine, Erika, aka Inspired Mama.  Erika is a SAHM to 4 darling children, has great fashion sense, is VERY creative, and has a fantastic Etsy Shop!  She knits, she sews, she makes organic deoderant, baby wipes and wash, and diaper balm – just to name a few.

Erika sent me some of her Smell Better Butter and honestly, I was a little skeptical at first.  I mean come on, I’ve been using deoderant since I started stinking (oh, around age 10 maybe?).  So, for 21 years, I’ve been a deoderant girl.  But, let me tell you a secret.  I’ve never really liked it.  I never liked the smells of it, or if it got on my hands, YUCK!  So, something that I had to apply with my hands?  I was nervous.  But, when I saw the ingrediants, I was not concerned anymore, I was excited!  Shea butter, cocoa butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, sweet almond oil and essential oils?  There was nothing in there that was weird, or that I couldn’t pronounce!  In fact, it was all things that I had used…oh, and it is all organic!  I got the juicy citrus smell, and I LOVE IT!!!  Seriously, it works.  Not only does it work, but my armpits are getting a nice moisturizing everyday too!  I put it on, don’t wash my hands, then put my lotion on.  It is fantastic.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to using regular old deoderant…you know, the ones with stuff in it that you can’t pronounce and could cause cancer…go check out Erika!  Seriously, you won’t be sorry.  Oh, and the baby wipe wash?  HEAVENLY!!!!

Thanks for such amazing products Erika!

P.S.  Thanks for letting me steal pictures from your blog too 😉

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