Gratitude Sunday

Today, I am grateful for so many things.  Here are a few –

1. My loving husband that let me sleep until 10:00 this morning!!!  Libby was up all night, and I let him sleep, so he let me sleep this morning.  I woke up to a veggie omelet and my children playing nicely.  He rocks!

2. Making applesauce yesterday, then tomato basil soup (all ingredients from my garden too!), and apple crisp.  It was a YUMMY day!

3. General Conference yesterday and today.  I am so grateful that every 6 months, we have the opportunity to hear from the leader’s of our Church and be so spiritually uplifted and edified.

4. And this…they were playing Jeremy and Kim.  I love these hooligans.  They seriously make me laugh every day.  You should have seen Seth putting a diaper on one of the babies.  Hilarious!

How about you?  What are you grateful for today?


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  1. Vanessa said

    Kim – I can NOT bul-ieve that L’s name is Libby! THAT is our number one girls name pick! Small world, great minds think alike? Like the new look btw, our am I on a different blog of yours??

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