Just another day in Paradise

Yesterday, we went to Paradise, UT to pick apples!  It was such a beautiful day, the kids had a ton of fun, and we came away with 2 bushels of apples, and 5 pumpkins!  I have a lot of pictures from this adventure, so please, enjoy this slide show!

After picking apples, we went home, had some YUMMY Veggie Lasagna (thanks Mom!) and had family game night.  S got to pick the game, so UNO it was.  It is his new favorite.  My favorite part is that he lays all of his cards down in front of him, that way I can help him (I always help, J likes to use this to his advantage though and cheats a little…bad Daddy!) 🙂  We played 3 times, I won, J won, and S won.

On Friday, I made some pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  The kids were so excited, because I made them each their own little loaf.  I knew I’d have enough batter to do it and hey, who doesn’t want to be the cool Mom?  So…they had fun devouring their breads, but not before I could get a few photos of them.

They loved it and had fun eating it.

Now for the baby…she is SO sweet and SO much fun.  She had her 2 week appointment this week and is doing great.  Not quite back at her birthweight yet, but she was only a few ounces short, so we’re not worrying about it.  Emma was like that too.  She reminds me a lot of Em, that scares me a little, but at the same time, it is so fun.  Here are some cutie photos of my baby!

In this picture, A is pretending to be Monster from the book No Such Thing.  This is a great book about a boy and a monster who live in the same room.  Both of their Moms tell them there is no such thing as the other, and then they find out differently.  A really cute book, great for Halloween, or maybe for that child who is afraid of going to bed because of Monster’s under the bed!

Tonight L and I are going to our Church’s Women’s Meeting.  Every 6 months we have General Conference, and the weekend before, is a special meeting for the women.  I am really excited to go and be edified.

Oh, and as far as that 2 bushels of apples?  I’m making applesauce…with a 4, 2 and 2 week old baby.  It will be fun!  I just need to find more quart (or pint) jars.  Anyone have some they want to get rid of?



  1. Danielle said

    Looks like you had a fun day. We missed you at retreat. Hope to see you Thursday nights again! Val’s class was fabulous!

  2. Danielle said

    By the way, little miss L keeps getting cuter!

  3. stephanie said

    I can’t believe you – are you Supermom or what? I’m so happy that L is a sweet babe and even more happy that you are feeling so great – you are absolutely nuts with all the picking, baking, applesauce making (made a rhyme:) – you go girl! I sure love you all.

  4. Rhonda said

    You are amazing me girl! Having another child around hasn’t even phased you! I loved your pics. THe kids look like they are having a blast!!

  5. Kritto said

    Ooh, thanks for posting the link to that orchard. Do you know them?

    Also, I would *love* to get your pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe. That sounds divine!

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