Baby Love

Have I mentioned that my children are TOTALLY smitten with their new little sister?

Here is the cute Duck Soup Baby Sweater that I made for Miss L.  I am loving it, and I am sure she will too…when she appreciates it someday 🙂

Happy 2 week birthday L!  I’m so glad you’re here…you’re a miracle, I pray you always remember that.

Sweater Details:

Yarn: Rumplestiltskin Organic Cotton – sweater body, Cascade 220 for buttons
Needle size: US 7
Do it again?  In a heartbeat!  I actually have some wool yarn picked out to make her another! 🙂

In other news…head on over to the Nie Nie Benefit Sale at Etsy.  I am trying to get a sling in there, but we’ll see!  It’s a 2 day sale with all proceeds going to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielsen and their recovery.  Lots of great stuff!  Go check it out!



  1. Kritto said

    It’s sweet to see the siblings so happy about little Miss L.

  2. Nicole said

    I NEED to come love on that baby!

  3. Vanessa said

    Oh my word – she is ADORABLE in that sweater. Oh I just want to pick her up and cuddle her. So sweet. Any chance you’d want to make another one and sell it to me? Love it.

  4. Vanessa said

    Another SWEATER that is. Sell us the sweater. Not baby trafficking! Now on week 33 with our own new babe to cuddle. xo

  5. so cute! i put this little sweater in my queue on raverly! now, i just need to find some time to actually knit one!!

    take care!

  6. Cristin said

    Ok, the pics of the kids are darling! I still think that Libby looks like you. We shall see, the older she gets I suppose.

    I can’t wait to see her (and you) again! Love you sister…

    ps- the sweather is ADORABLE!

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