You must see this. I think it is vital for every person in the world to become aware of what is happening with birth in our country.



  1. Sarah L said

    in tears. can’t wait to see the film.

  2. Nicole said

    Wow is right. That was an emotional flashback of Aurora’s birth. How are they releasing this film?

  3. Jamie Jones said

    You don’t know me, but we share a beautiful friend, Adrianna. She gave me your information and I am so glad she did. It is comforting to see someone that has lived through grief and pain like ours and survived!

    We lost our boy, Abram Dean Jones, on May 2, 2008. He was 7 months, 8 days old. He was at the sitters (a long-time, trusted friend). She laid him down for a nap, checked on him 15 mins later and he was gone. That dreaded word… SIDS. His first birthday was yesterday. Gosh, what a hard day! So many dreams shattered. The pain feels so unbearable at times.

    Adrianna couldn’t help but see the similarities in our situations. He was our first child. We did all the preparation that we knew to do to prepare ourselves for a natural birth. Despite all our efforts, we had to have a surgical birth. He was posterior and would just not engage, despite 5 hours of pushing in every position imaginable. That in itself, was the only complication we ever had with Abram.

    I just want to let you know that you give me and my husband Joshua hope that we will be able to find the joy in our lives again. We are so scared of parenting again. Abram just made it so easy on us, we just can’t imagine it being easy like that again.

    So any advice that you can share with us on how you have coped with your loss, would be greatly appreciated and valued.

    Your children are just beautiful, all four of them.

    Take Care and Blessings to your family,
    Jamie and Joshua Jones and little Abe in spirit

  4. Jamie Jones said

    I forgot my original point to leaving my comment on this post…

    With it being Abram’s first birthday yesterday, we were reflecting on the day of his birth. This video clip made me sick to my stomach because it reflected so much of what happened to us. They seperated my from my baby for 2 hours! We begged and begged, but were denied time and time again. Joshua was seperated from him for the first 15 mins, and we really don’t know why. They made him feel like an abusive father for refusing the vaccination and eye ointment. It really was traumatic and left an impression on all of us that we wish we could forget.

    I will look forward to the film. Thanks for sharing.

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