38 weeks

And I am feeling SO done 🙂  Doesn’t everyone get this way at the end?  Here are a couple photos I had J take today after church (while I was still feeling cute).

Ah yes, and bread.  I made bread yesterday and Miss A decided I needed help with the kneading.  It was really funny because she kept telling me how to do it.

We had fun and it is some gooooood bread.  I think I might make some zucchini or pumpkin bread today.  I am just feeling so domestic.  Oh, and I really want to go on a big fat walk…maybe get this kid here a little sooner! 😉



  1. Steph said

    Definitely still cute!! And yes, at 38 weeks ya feel done….I had 2 of my kids during the 38th week and it is a great week to have a baby 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet your baby.

  2. Kristal said

    You are so cute! I’m totally blogstalking you.

  3. Kelly said

    You look FABULOUS! Love the cute top!!

    I’ll guess you’ll deliver at 39 weeks 1 day at 8:45 p.m. and the baby will be 8 lbs 6 oz.

  4. Sarah L said

    How beautiful are you?? ♥ I am stalking you too! Lol… the bread looks scrumptious, and thank goodness you had someone showing you what to do! :o)

  5. Rhonda said

    Kim-You Look Adorable!! I bet your little one will come next Monday!

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