Worst Mother of the Year Award

I think I deserve it.  I took the kids to the dentist today…S has 2 cavities and A has 1.  It’s not that we don’t brush and floss their teeth daily, we do.  Somehow, those sugar monkies (as we call them in our family) have gotten onto their teeth and eaten holes in them.

I feel terrible.  I started crying right there in the dentist office.  They both need fillings and are going to get laughing gas.  Anyone have experience with this?  What should I expect?  Man, they are both so young.  I was hoping that they could avoid all the dental issues I’ve had to deal with in my life…my poor babies.



  1. Oh dear, you are not the worst mother. I have doctor issues and am too AFRAID to take my kids to the dentist. Carter had to go because of a tooth infection earlier this year and was put out with anesthesia!!! He did just fine. You will be ok!


  2. Kritto said

    No experience to share, fortunately. You might talk to Sally – I think Samantha just had to get some dental work recently. *hugs* You’re really not the worst mother.

  3. ladydove said

    My son and my 6 year old had to have fillings. My daughter had to have outpatient surgery at the hospital to fix hers 2 front ones. They didn’t do laughing gas with my son, they gave him Valium.

    You aren’t a bad mom. Some teeth are just stronger than others! Hugs

  4. Danielle said

    Emma had 4 cavities at her first check-up. I had never not had a cavity at a check-up in my life until a month ago, sometimes it is genetics. We have been having the oral hygienist paint fluoride on Emma’s teeth to help out. As for the happy gas. Emma did just fine, they called it a piggy nose and she wasn’t scared. We just made sure to take it easy for a few hours after. My child has balance issues so we weren’t chancing anything.

  5. Anelys said

    Awww hun… You are not a bad mom!! A bad mom wouldnt have taken them to the dentist, don you think? 🙂

    I have no advice to give you, even though you just remind me that they NEED to go to the dentist and pronto!


  6. Nicole said

    Did I not tell you about Eve’s 9 (yes NINE) cavities in May?? They gave her the drink sedative. She acted drunk. Anyway, I cried too. It isn’t too bad, but yes it sucks. Hugs!

  7. Rhonda said

    You are not a “worst” mother at all!! We just found out Grant has a cavity and he goes in tomorrow to get it fixed.

    I’ve had the happy gas stuff before when I was little. It makes them loopy, but it’s better then the shot. Grant has to have the shot in his gums tomorrow. I’m so not looking forward to that!

  8. Sally said

    You probably don’t want to hear from the mom whose 2 year old just got 4 pulpotomies and 6 crowns under anesthesia…. Don’t fret. They’ll be fine. Having a dentist who is sensitive to your kids’ personalities and feelings is more important than all the rest.

  9. stephanie said

    I disagree with Anelys – I have 8 kids and none of them have gone to the dentist until age 4 or 5 years old – and they’ve live to tell the tale.

    And Kim will tell you that I’m not a bad momma – I’m Nanny to her kiddos.

    Oh and Kim you KNOW that you are not a bad momma – haven’t you patterned your mothering by observing me?;)
    (Okay I’m a little full of myself here – may I be struck by lightening)


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