It’s always fun when Grandma comes…

Fun for everyone!!  My mother-in-law got in last night and will be in town for a few days.  She’s actually here to help her Mom who had surgery yesterday, but stayed the night with us last night.  Right now my kids are LOVING the attention from Grandma and playing pirates and reading books.  It is SO nice!!!

Next week, my Mom will come, so the kids will get to play with Meemaw.

I don’t know who it is more fun for, the kids or Mom when Grandma/Meemaw comes 😉



  1. Kritto said

    It was great a couple weeks ago when my dad came to town. All Doodle wanted was “Peh” (her version of grandpa). So I did dishes, I relaxed…it was great. Made me almost want to live closer to family. Almost. 😉

  2. You’ve been tagged! 🙂 Promise it’s a quick one! 🙂 Muah!

  3. Sarah L said

    So jealous! We love when grandmas come!! (Ours would be playing pirates too, lol.)

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