5 Years

I can not believe it has been 5 years since I last held my sweet Emma.  I am not going to write about her last day today, or do a picture montage as I have in the past, if you want to see that, go here.  Today, I am just going to share video of her.  These two videos were taken the week that she died.  One was on Wednesday and the other on Friday.  I always hate that it ends, but I love that I have it.

I miss you Em.  I wonder what you’d be like.  I look forward to the day when I can see you again.  I miss you everyday, and love you more than you will ever know.

Love, Mama.



  1. I am so so sorry for your incredible loss- no matter how long ago. I pray you feel closer to her today, and every day to come until you can be together again.


  2. Sarah L said

    ♥ Emma ♥

  3. Katinka said

    She is a lovely little girl — thank you for sharing her story. Wishing you peace and comfort today.

  4. Tina said

    I wanted to leave a message, but had no words to say. (and yet here I go writing a long comment…)

    How can I express the despair I have as a mom, to the heart of another mom? Do I feel sad for you, for what you have lost, or is it selfishly for myself, for never having the chance to know such a precious treasure. Do I express hope, knowing that we know a Loving God, one who gives, and one who takes aways and sometimes leaves so many questions and such few answers. This week brought about a devastating life change for my own children, one they’ve never had to go through before, and while it didn’t involve death of a family member, it involved a loss of a very close family relationship that will never ever be the same, and I found myself for the first time ever, burning with this truly almost instinctive powerful motherly love to protect my children from all pain in the world, all hurt, and the utter devastation when I realized that I couldn’t, that they would have to walk this journey themselves and that it wasn’t fair and it really showed me it isn’t until you loose something that you realize what you had. And then the sobs bubble up and out of me as you fall on my face before He who sees all, and has always known how this was going to happen and yet didn’t give any hints to tell me it was coming, and wonder at it all. Yeah, That’s been my week, and in it, you have been brought to mind, because I realize that what we are going through right now in this present crisis is only a shadow of what you went through 5 years ago. You and Emma are in my prayers, your little flower in Heaven’s garden. Tina

  5. Aunt Kathy said

    That was a wonderful video. I am so glad you have it. I am honored to have been able to share it with you.

    I found your blog when I saw you won the butter contest. I am glad I stopped by to congratulate you. I will be back again.

  6. Kritto said

    Hugs, Kim.

  7. Tina B said

    I can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Vanessa said

    I’m sending my love. I’m so happy you have that video. What a little sweetheart. xoxo

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