A few pictures

Tomorrow is Emma’s day. I will (hopefully) have a video of her up tonight or tomorrow morning. Be sure to come back and see how cute and funny she was.

In the mean time, here are some pictures of the flowers J’s folks and sister and her husband sent. They are so sweet.

One thing about my in-laws…Emma died at their house, my mother-in-law found her, and it was on their anniversary.  The support they give us and their strength continually amazes and humbles me.  I am truly lucky to have them in my life.  I love you guys.

Now, for a belly picture.  Two things about this picture.  First, I am 35 weeks 5 days in this photo.  Second, I made these pants.  From cutting to finishing, it takes me about an hour to make one pair.  Not too shabby!  In fact, I have fabric to make 3 more pairs today.   They are WONDERFUL and super comfy.  I have another pair that I made, but they are more lounge/pajama pants.  I’ll post a picture of them too, but just not today.  These are great maternity pants, and will be great postpartum pants too!

I really wasn’t as cranky as this photo looks.  I just wasn’t quite ready, but didn’t want to have J redo the picture.  We were trying to get the kids to bed.  I always have the best timing when having him take pictures of me 🙂



  1. I am thinking about you and Emma’s day. What lovely flowers. And what great belly pics! : )


  2. Sarah L said

    What beautiful flowers! But they cannot compare to your beauty!! You look FAB mamma!!!! ♥ Thinking of you.

  3. erika said

    aww, lovely flowers~ i have been thinking about you quite a bit… so much in fact that you won my Smell Better Butter giveaway 🙂 i think it was meant to be! send me a little e-mail when you get a chance~ InspiredMama@msn.com

    big hugs,

  4. Kritto said

    Beautiful belly, Kim. And those pants look soooooo comfy. Be prepared for me to come pestering you for sewing wisdom next time I’m pregnant (no, not until after the thesis!).

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