This Week

Is not a fun one at my house.  5 years ago this week (Saturday to be exact) Emma died.  I won’t be here much.  I’m trying to figure out what to do for her tribute this year.  Typically I do a photo montage set to music, but I might just have J put some video on the computer and share her, living, breathing, HER with you all.  If you’re the praying type, pray for us this week.  If you’re not the praying type, just send us lots of good vibes.  We can use all we can get.



  1. Kim,
    Just like the day five years ago, I will be here for you in whatever way you need me. That will never change, and I hope you know that.

    With love always,

  2. Lori said

    Hang in there. I know you dread the coming of August this year. We had Mom’s n’ Me at McDonalds today and we talked a bit about you. One comment was made that Moms N’ Me was better when Kim was in charge. 🙂 We’ll keep your comfort in our prayers and hug our living ones extra tight.

  3. Danielle said

    God bless you and your family Kim! Our prayers are with you!

  4. Sarah L said

    Thinking of you now and always…

  5. Jenny said

    We are praying for you this week. We will never forget Emma!! We love you guys.

  6. erika said

    ((((HUGS))) sending my blessings to you and your famly while you celebrate your sweet baby girl’s life and greive her passing.

    with love,

  7. I am the praying type, and will be praying and thinking of you.


  8. Steph said


    Was just thinking about Emma and wanted to leave you a note so you know I think about her, a lot.


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