Bellies and Blueberries

I am now 34 weeks 5 days pregnant.  Check out this belly.

We also went to the Gardener’s Market this weekend and got 2 cups of beautiful blueberries.  S and I made these Blueberry Oat bars.  They are FANTASTIC!  If you don’t have Agave nectar, honey works too.  Here are some pictures of the kiddos enjoying their bars.

As you can see, Miss Sassy Pants is thouroughly enjoying hers.

Check out the blueberries in Mr. Magoo’s teeth there!  He is crazy.

Now for sewing and knitting news!  I have some finished projects! 🙂

First knitting.  I have made a pair of longies, a diaper soaker and a hat for the babe.  The yarn for the longies and soaker is Pure Wool.  I love it, soft as all get out.  The dye wasn’t completely set, so my fingers kept turning blue, but I have given it a nice vinegar bath, so hopefully it won’t bleed all over the baby’s diapers.  The longies are Sheepy Pants and the soaker is a Pea Patch soaker.  Love the longies pattern, I’ve used it several times and it is by far my favorite!  Yep, they’re tiny, but the baby will be too.

Now for the hat.  I made this same pattern for my niece last year, and it turns out SO cute!  I don’t remember the yarn I used.  I got it from a boutique in Salt Lake this summer, I know it’s hand dyed by a lady in Salt Lake, I LOVE IT!  I have enough left over to make the babe some socks too.  So sweet.  My model is my preemie Cabbage Patch baby that I got when I was maybe 8?  It’s a bit big on her, so I imagine it will fit the baby perfectly at birth.  Luckily my babies have small heads.  I love that they get that from their Dad!  The pattern is Sweet Baby Cap.  I didn’t get gauge with this sock yarn, so I went ahead and did the 6 month size.  I still love it though!  I might make one for Miss A, we’ll see though!

Pretty sweet, eh?

Now for sewing.  My dear friend, Michelle, asked me to make some shirts for her little girl, Erin to wear to Kindergarten this fall.  Michelle and I met when we were both pregnant, her with Erin, me with Emma.  When Emma died, Michelle was one of the first people to call me.  She was and still is, such a support to me.  She lost a baby too, she gets it.  I have loved watching Erin grow, and see the things Emma would be doing.  So, I happily made Erin some shirts, they turned out so cute.  It was very nice for me to be making them.  Next Saturday, the 23rd, Emma will have been gone for 5 years.  It gave me some peaceful time to think about her, imagine her and talk to her.  I imagine if Emma were still here, she’d be just as sweet and cute as Erin wearing these shirts.  Anyway, here they are.

I am sure that when these make their way to Florida, Michelle will take pictures of her always willing model, and I will be able to post even cuter pictures of them.  They are never as cute on my living room floor as they are on the kiddos.

We’re off to Lava Hot Springs, ID this weekend.  So, I have packing, packing, packing, and sewing to do today.  Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you next week with pictures from our fun trip.



  1. Anelys said

    Love the pictures of you and the kids, and of course I love the shirts!!! After I recover a bit from back to school shopping, I will order some!!!!

    Have fun on the trip!!

  2. TopHat said

    Hooray for soakers! And you have a cute belly!

    I never minded if my diapers got dyed- in fact I have some tie dyed ones- I figure they’ll get stained anyways, might as well be pretty!

  3. HOOOORAY!!!!!! I cannot wait to see this baby!!!!!

  4. erika said

    pretty belly! 🙂

    hey, it looks like you are going to be in my neck of the woods! too bad i couldn’t pack up my crew jaunt down to lava hot springs to meet you and your family… how fun would that be?! have a great trip!!

  5. lori said

    you’ve been busy.

    The yarn is from or something like that. It may have a different spelling.

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