In Desperate Need

of Ice cream.  That would be me.  Please, bear with me, I am trying really hard to win some free ice cream.  You all know I’m pregnant.  You all know I am really pregnant and really hot, and that I REALLY love me some ice cream.  Well, I came across this contest and this website and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since.  Especially when I saw the Death By Chocolate Frozen Custard.  The baby is doing flips in utero just to know I’m thinking about something called Death by Chocolate!  I think that this has been exacerbated by the fact that it’s the end of the month and we have and I REALLY want ice cream.  So, that, my dear friends, is why I deserve to win this ice cream.  I still have 8 weeks left of being pregnant.  This could help a lot and bring a lot of peace, happiness and harmony into my home.


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