Crazy Weekend!

And it’s only Friday 😉

Yesterday was July 24th.  In Utah, it is a state holiday, as it is the day that the Pioneer’s reached the Salt Lake Valley.  Throughout the state, communities do founder’s day celebrations, and our town is no different.  I had the bright idea that our La Leche League group should have a float, so I spear headed and organized the whole thing.  Not too bad if you can delegate…something I’m quite good at.  So, on Wednesday night, the troops arrived and we put together the float.  This year’s theme for World Breastfeeding Week is “Go For the Gold”.  So, on one side, it said, “Go for the Gold – Breastfeed!”.  One of our leader’s suggested we do something of a pioneer theme on the other side and I couldn’t really think of anything.  In steps my brilliant husband who suggests, “Pioneer Children Sang Nursed as They Walked…”  For those not familiar, this is a song that the children in church learn, “Pioneer Children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked…”  I loved the reactions we got from people.  Most people just laughed and thought it was great.  We had a few disgusted looks from people and one man who even said, “No they didn’t!”.  Really?  What did they do then?  Have formula??  In the 1800’s?!?!  Whatever.

We made gold medals with our contact information on them and handed out those and fliers as we walked along the parade route (I say we, but it is a collective we, as I stood on the float the whole time!).   There were many disappointed kids when they realized we weren’t giving out any candy.  I figure they get plenty from all the other floats, we are just not into candy that much.

We also had a member of our group make iron on transfers (which I adore!!) and we all wore matching shirts.  There were ones for the Mama’s – “I Make Milk, What’s Your Superpower?”, for the nurslings – “I Eat at Mom’s” and for the supporters – “I Support Breastfeeding”.  All of the shirts have the International Breastfeeding Symbol on them, they really turned out awesome!  We will be doing these as a fundraiser for our group, so if anyone is interested in purchasing these, let me know 🙂  Here is a slide show of us getting ready and right before the float took off.  I couldn’t take any pictures while on the float, I was too busy holding up the big LLL banner and making sure my hooligans didn’t escape!!

The fun didn’t end there though!  We went home after the parade, ate lunch and headed down to Willow Park for the festivities!  We got there just in time for the watermelon eating contest.  S and A LOVED it!!!  A got way into it, even before it started.  After it was done, they got to take their leftover watermelon and eat it.  She thought she still had to lay down for that part!!  Cute girl.

After eating watermelon, we let the kids get their hair painted.  It was fun at the time, but I don’t think I’ll do it next year, I had to wash A’s hair twice to get it all out!

The kids then did a couple of crafts and a water balloon fight.  By that point I was exhausted and hot and hungry, so I hopped on my bike and headed home.  The kids and J followed shortly after.  We then had some friends over to watch the fireworks that were happening right down the street at the park.  As soon as the fireworks were done, we all crashed!

Today was a bit more relaxing (for me).  I took the kids to the dr. this morning, it was time for their 2 and 4 year check up.  S got his first MMR and it broke my heart…always does.  I am so conflicted about vaccines, but J is pretty adamant.  So, we do selective and delayed.  I actually delayed this one for one year more than I had originally planned…ugh, I don’t like this part of parenting.  Anyway, after that, we came home and hung out while J loaded up branches from the trees we cut down, and took them to the landfill to be made into compost and mulch.  So, he is exhausted tonight, and I am not so much because of the nice nap I had with A today!

Tonight we had our dear friends, Bea and Ryan and their little girl, O, over for dinner.  They are packing up and moving to New York City on Tuesday for Ryan to do his post-doc work at Columbia.  We are SO sad to see them go, S and O are such good friends, he is really going to miss her and I imagine she will also miss him.  We didn’t say goodbye tonight because I’m making a sling for Bea tomorrow and we will take it to them then.  We love you guys and will really miss you.  Utah’s loss is New York’s gain.



  1. Nicole said

    This looks like SO much fun. That is it, next year we are heading to Logan for the 24th! SLC is WAY too crowded, and so I end up doing nothing.

  2. Danielle said

    We yelled and yelled your name at the parade, but holding that banner must have made you deaf! I know there was a lot of things going on. One of your members handed me a flyer and then realized I was nursing Sam at that moment so she told me I didn’t need it, but to give it to a friend who needed it.

  3. TopHat said

    Oh! I wish I could have seen the float! I just spent the day wondering how the pioneers carried their children. Actually, I was at a pioneer museum wearing my baby in my sling and the topic came up. My friend said they must have worn their babies, it’s only logical, but it’s not like many artist’s renditions show pioneer women with slings. Hmm…

  4. lori said

    cute wards. what a rad family.

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