30 Weeks

Maybe less, maybe more, but that is an estimate of how much longer this babe is going to cook. I tell you though, it amazes me how people just have no tact when you’re pregnant. We would never go up to someone who is big and say, “WOW! You are SO FAT!”. However, daily, someone will come up to me and tell me how huge I am and how they can’t believe that I am not due until the end of September. Really?? You think I’m big with this baby?!?!

Let’s compare, shall we??

30ish weeks pregnant with S

30ish weeks pregnant with A

And, 30ish weeks with baby Pooh Bear (yep, that is what Roo and Piglet have named the babe)

Look at that, I am the same size with each of them! I am NOT huge, I am pregnant people, growing a HUMAN BEING inside of me. Stop telling me how huge I am and realize that I am NOT huge, just pregnant. Next person that tells me I am huge, or asks if I am having twins…I am going to ask them the same. πŸ˜›



  1. lori said

    Just tell them to shut-up, right? Haha! Actually you should say look how much thinner I am with this baby than I was with the last two (even though my belly is the same size). I can’t believe how different you look with Seth from this one.

  2. Katinka said

    When I was pregnant with my son in Virginia, people were HORRIBLE like that. And I actually felt great, other than just being large. But I’d hear all sorts of things, from “Don’t have it here!!!” to “Are you having twins, or is that just one big baby?” I just stopped telling people my due date after a while. Seriously, when is it ever socially appropriate to comment on someone else’s size, even if they are pregnant?

    ~Katinka, who so far is just looking chunky at 18.5 weeks, but who knows the belly explosion is soon to come. πŸ˜‰

  3. Can I touch your belly? LOL

  4. erika said

    you look GREAT!!! πŸ™‚ i LOVE the belly!!

    yes, people are sooo rude! have you had the people that say, everytime you see them, “you’re STILL pregnant??!” ugh, so irritating!!

  5. Sissa said

    You are so huge!!! Are you having triplets πŸ™‚
    Love you!!

  6. Rebecca said

    I think you look beautiful (love the short ‘do)!

  7. I am 30 weeks along, too, and had a strange man ask me at the movies the other day if I was due “like yesterday?”



  8. Sarah L. said

    Don’t ya just love people sometimes?? Oy. I think you look fabulouso mamma!

    Sar β™₯

  9. Stephanie said

    You look terrific! I felt huge with both my boys. I have a thing with pregnant bellies. I like to touch them! I think it’s the most awesomest thing ever to be pregnant and to feel life moving inside you.

  10. Karen said

    I usually never post comments but I had to this time. This is the one I keep getting – from complete strangers of course. “When are you due (don’t wait for an answer) because you look like you are ready to go anytime”. How exactly do I look…fat, miserable, disgusting? And the other day at McDonalds a rather larger woman just looked me up and down and mouthed “OH MY GOSH”. Are you kidding me?!?! I wanted to mouth the same thing back to her but instead I just smiled. At least I know that in a couple of weeks when I have this kid my largeness will start to diminish – hers, not so much.

  11. Anelys said

    I gotta say that from those three pictures, this one is the cutest one!!! You have such a cute belly!!

    And just ignore stupid people!

  12. Ronnica said

    It’s your belly, but it’s everyone’s business! Okay, just kidding.

    I decided to add you to my reader. =)

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