One of those days.

You know those days? The ones where you wake up at 6 am to a toddler screaming for “nursies” and trying in vain to hold her off? Then when you finally get her back to sleep your 3 year old comes in and jumps on the bed, messes with your face and the spot on your head where the hair is matted away from a restless night sleep? Those days when you finally sneak out of bed to take a shower just to hear said 3 year old exclaim, “MOM! My sister is AWAKE!” then you hear her scream and cry, “I want YOU!” (this will be the first of MANY in the day). Those days when you yell at your dh, and both children before 7:30??? The ones where your 3 year old spanks you because you are yelling at his sister? The ones when both of your children are saying, “Mom, be nice.”. Those days when you seriously wonder if you should be pregnant with another child, but know you can’t do anything about it?
Yeah…I’m having one of those days.



  1. Sarah L. said

    Those days are NOT FUN!! I am thinking about you!! ♥


    I’m only a phone call away mamma!

  2. ladydove said

    I have good news! I still don’t need you! =)
    One more day, one more day and 2 hours away, knit knit knit, or at least eat eat eat. Come to Knitter’s night. I’ll be there. I won’t be there next week the hubby is going out of town, but I will this week. I promise I won’t need you tomorrow either if you come. =)


  3. lori said

    Hang in there… i got through my “day” yesterday! 🙂

  4. Kuky said

    And a huge hug to you too!! Today has been much better for me. Hope it’s been an improvement for you as well.

  5. Heather said

    Hey there, I am the lady at knitting with the huge blanket I FINALLY finished… and am wanting to start on soakers…
    Anyway, had my “DAY” last week.. called my mom and just cried on the phone, then felt better. I never fully realized how amazing and wise my mom is until I had kids… and my grandma was truely a rock! The thing that really gets to me is the loneliness of being home. Hang in there and know that you are actually normal, normal, normal… and make yourself and your kids go outside whenever you can, it helps. :o) (oh, and I don’t NEED you either… sigh of relief.)

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