Announcement for my Friends

I am not on facebook.  I don’t forsee myself joining facebook either.  I only post this because I get multiple emails from facebook a week telling me that one of my friends has added me as a friend.  I don’t want you to think I hate you or anything…I’m just not there 🙂

We now return you to your friendly Prairie Mama blogging 😉



  1. Jen Shipp said

    I’m on facebook, and I do like it. But I know that with all that’s out there online, you just got to pick what you like, and stick to that!

    BUT I wonder about those emails you are getting….

    If I wanted add you as a friend, I couldn’t b/c you don’t have a facebook account. And even then, you would have to approve it first, and only then would you be added as my friend.

    So I wonder if that email is just a phishing scheme to get you to give up your password/user name???

    I could be wrong. I’m just extremely skeptical when it comes to the internet. Once I received an email from a certain bank, saying that I needed to click on the their link so I could either change my password or something (I can’t remember the reason). Well, first of all, that wasn’t my bank. It is a popular bank on the east coast (I know b/c I used to live there) but it wasn’t mine.

    So when you clicked on the link – it took to you what looked EXACTLY like the real banks home page. The fonts were identical, the graphics were identical. I know b/c I then pulled up the banks homepage in another window. The ONLY way to know that it wasn’t them, was b/c both pages had totally different web addresses. It was a phishing scheme to get my user name/password to this bank!!

    The internet is wonderful, scary, crazy, and amazing! I enjoy it daily, but I am also skeptical of things like that.

  2. lori said

    They are probably from me. I clicked the wrong button once and it sends out a random Facebook invite to my contacts about twice a month. LAME! I can’t fix it. So – sorry if it is me. 🙂

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