Check out my little man!


So, S has been complaining of headaches for months now.  So, on Saturday we took him to the optometrist.  No wonder he was complaining…my sweet bubs needed glasses!  He is really farsighted and LOVES his new glasses!!!


Here he is enjoying a cookie at the bread store after getting his new specs.


After S got his glasses, A said, “Where my gasses?”  So, when we got home, I found hers and she is happy as a lark now.



  1. Kym said

    He looks adorable!

  2. Sarah L. said

    OMGoodness! What a little grownup!! So cute. I am glad you are feeling better and are getting settled. I wish we had a Buzz to send your way! Much Love~~


  3. You know I have a thing for little kids in glasses! 🙂 OH my he’s adorable! I am so glad no more headaches now too! 🙂

  4. Nicole said

    Okay, he looks ADORABLE. That seals the deal. I want him for a son in law. He can choose Aurora or Eve. 🙂

  5. erika said

    awww, what a handsome little guy! love the new specs! 😀

  6. Jen Shipp said

    yes, little sister needs her own glasses as well! They are both adorable.

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