Been a Long Time…

Yep…it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I don’t have any pictures for you, but I will soon.  We are moved into our new house and (mostly) out of boxes.  We painted S and A’s room a beautiful green color (think Christmas green).  It’s only on one wall, so I can handle it 🙂  They love it!

S keeps asking when we’re going to move again.  A is just cranky.  The girl is getting all 4 molars right now and I suspect her eye teeth also.  Not fun.  But, hopefully she will get them all and be done with this round the clock nursing very soon.  It hurts!

It is March.  I am SO glad.  I love March.  The snow starts melting and we get glimpses (however small) of Spring.  On Saturday morning it was absolutely gorgeous out.  I am guessing it was around 50 degrees.  Well, it was the warm before the storm, the temperature quickly dropped and by 2:00, it was snowing, much to my chagrin.  Today, however, the sun is shining and the snow is melting, so it is good 🙂

So, in honor of March, here are some things I am really looking forward to!

1. Sewing more and getting ready for the Gardner’s Market that starts in May.

2. Taking long walks with my little ones in the warm sunshine.

3. Starting my garden plants inside.

4. Finding the perfect flowers for my new yard.

5. Landscaping my yard and planning the garden.

6. Letting my children run wild OUTSIDE finally.

7. The end of winter.  That is what I am most looking forward to.  I need winter to be done, it is long, cold and dreary.  Welcome sunshine, welcome spring, welcome March.


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  1. Kym said

    CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!

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