It’s a Giveaway!


So, I heard about this on another blog I read and have had so much fun checking out (and entering) all the giveaways!!! So, I decided I better do something myself!!!

So, here is what you can win. I will give you the option of either a ring sling of my own design, or if you if a sling isn’t your thing, I will make a beautiful dress for your little girl. I can make these in sizes newborn to 6 T. You let me know what size and any colors you don’t like, and I’ll make your little one a great summer dress!

Here is an example of what the sling will look like. It will be different fabric, you can choose if you want dark or light colors.


Here is an example of the dress. It is based on a pillow case dress, but I have found lots of great fabric that I like even better than pillowcases!!! With the adjustable straps, it will fit for a long time, first as a dress, then as a shirt! You can’t go wrong with this one!


This contest is open to US and Canada residents only, sorry, I can’t afford the shipping!

So, what do you have to do? Leave me a comment between now and Friday Saturday, February 2nd at 9 pm Mountain Time. I will choose a winner on Friday and will contact you by Saturday at the latest. Pretty easy huh?

Oh, and go check out all the other great giveaways!!!!



  1. Londa said

    Oh, I’d love a sling! I’m expecting a little girl in a month!

    ljbs3 (at) juno (dot) com

  2. I LOVE babywearing!! With a two year old and a 7 month old (and a 5 year old, but I am not putting him in a sling! haha), I get lots of wear out of my wrap. Thanks for this cool giveaway. Check out my give away too!

  3. charlotte said

    This is the best giveaway yet for me. I am due with #4 in April. I have never had a sling and I want want for this next baby. I so hope that you pick me, I think a sling will be so great and allow me to bring this little baby everywhere!!


  4. Heather said

    Great givaway! I would love to win a sling..although the dress is adorable too!!

  5. Wow- that ring sling is beautiful! I’d be honored to try one of yours!


  6. Elizabeth said

    Please enter me for the sling. With number four on the way I could really use one!!!

  7. CPA Mom said

    how beautiful! perfect for my three year old daughter (the dress).

  8. Rebecca Gillespie said

    Please enter me! Am expecting a baby boy in June and would love a new sling!

  9. Rachel said

    Great giveaway!

  10. I would love to try a ring sling. I have tried so many other slings with my 8 month old and have not been happy. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Please feel free to stop by my giveaway.

  11. Robin said

    My kids are too big for slings now (I cried when I passed mine along, they’d each lived in it for nearly 3 years), but I’d LOVE a dress for my 4 year old daughter.

  12. Oh the sling is great! Having baby # 3 in a few weeks!

  13. Laurie said

    i’d love to try a ring sling!

  14. grace said

    what a wonderful giveaway! count me in. (non-US resident but I have a US address)

  15. mom to p said

    Your lovely daughter looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!! great giveaway!

  16. Michelle said

    This is a really adorable dress. I wish I was crafty. Thanks for a great contest!

  17. Ali said

    i’d love a dress for my 4 yr old. thanks

  18. Stacey said

    Wow! I’m not even sure I know what I would pick!

  19. those are fantastic! can’t wait for the drawing!

  20. lori said

    we all come out of the woodwork! Cute stuff, Kim!

  21. lace said

    I would love a sling! It is beautiful! I love using ring slings.

  22. I would love to win a sling for my sister-in-law. I have one and just love it!

  23. Karin said

    hehe, I’ve never commented on your blog until now…but I always read it. šŸ™‚ Enter me in the drawing too!

  24. Suz said

    I’d love a sling for my baby boy!

  25. Just wanted to say it’s a great giveaway. I can’t win as I don’t have a little one any more. Oh, how quickly they grow (and she’s only 8. lol!) Have a great day!

  26. I’d love that!

  27. Dani said

    You already know that I need a sling! And who doesn’t love to win contests.

  28. Mommy Bee said

    That is the cutest dress! Great giveaway!

  29. Sharon said

    I would love a dress for my daughter size 6. Please enter me into this drawing. Thanks.

  30. Lisa said

    How wonderful, I would love to win a little dress for my 19mo old..please count me in..

  31. Cindi Hoppes said

    What a great contest. Thanks for a choice. Although, both items would be wonderful. I would choose the dress for my great-niece. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  32. D Baker said

    Oh, gosh… THis would be so great to use. So much cuter than the baby born thingy. Thanks for the chance.

  33. ML said

    Ooo, a sling. I’ve got baby number 5 coming in April. All of my kids have loved to be held. That sling looks perfect for helping me hold them. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Stacey said

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love a little dress for my 16 month old. Please put my name in! Thanks so much.

  35. taryn said

    great giveaway! thanks!

  36. MandaKay said

    OMG – those are adorable! I have never tried a sling like that before – would love to have my name tossed in – this is so sweet of you!

  37. Sarah said

    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE that sling!!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!!!!!! You’re so sweet! šŸ™‚

  38. Jeni said

    Very nice! I’d like a dress for my 16 month old girlie!

  39. jes said

    I like the slings, but man, I love the dress too! they are so cute!

  40. Lisa O said

    I would love a dress for my daughter.


  41. desi said

    I love the sling and the dress. too many cute choices!

  42. Peggie said

    OHHHHHHH I love it!!! One of my granddaughters would look so good in it! Count me in!

  43. I would love a ring sling. They are so cute. Please sign me up.

  44. Melissa said

    Oh, how exciting!! I’ve recently discovered baby wearing and also pillowcase dresses on Etsy! Both of your designs look beautiful.

  45. Scarlett said

    The dress is so neat!

  46. Sign MEEEEEE up too girleee! I loooove your talent!!!!!!!

  47. Christine said

    I LoVE that sling… I’ve never tried a ring sling, but am a proclaimed babywearin’ mama. The dress is adorable too, and my daughter would love it! Tough choice!!

  48. Kelsey said

    I would love the dress in around a 3T in any color so cute!!!

  49. fun! thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Tabitha said

    Oh, I’ve wanted a sling with both my children, but haven’t gotten one and now I’m expecting again! I love the colors on the “example” one. Thanks for putting this giveaway on!

  51. Natalie Edwards said

    Hey!!! I love the dress. I want one. I love all colors and my daughter wears 4 T. Thanks!!!!!!

  52. thechattyhousewife said

    I love the ring slings you make. They look great!

    I’d really love to win this!


  53. Stephanie said

    I would love a cute little dress for my niece =) Sign me up!

  54. Laura said

    Ohhh this is so hard to choose, I love both! I think though if I do win I would like the dress. My baby girl is just 2 weeks old and I can’t stop day dreaming about dressing her up in cute girly stuff!! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. Gorgeous sling and dress!

    Count me in please.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Stop by my place to win a bath set & candles or one of two copies of a book I’m giving away. Don’t miss the daily edition of contests galore that I post on my blog.

    Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings

    email is in my profile or you can use the contact form on my blog

  56. Melissa said

    Please enter me in your contest. That little dress would be perfect for my Hannah.

  57. LadySnow said

    I would absolutely love a ring sling!

  58. Kelly said

    ME! ME! ME!

  59. shimmala said

    I would love the dress/future shirt! What a great little item to add to a girl’s wardrobe! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  60. Geri said

    Great Giveaway!! Thanks for the fun!

    I’d LOVE that little girl dress in a 6t

  61. Wendy said

    Great giveaway! Count me in:)

  62. Julie said

    I love ring slings (and I’ve made quite a few) but my baby is almost 3. I’m sure my 4 1/2 year old daughter would love a new dress—in any color (as long as it’s pink!!)

  63. Amy said

    I love having my baby right there with me!

  64. Chris said

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your ring-sling is beautiful, but I’m more of a Mei-Tei-type girl! šŸ™‚
    I’d love a pretty little dress for my almost 1 year old, though!

  65. Tiffany said

    What awesome creations! I’m having my third sweet girl in March and would love a summer dress! So glad I found your blog!

  66. JennStar said

    What a sweet idea!! I love the ring sling that you have pictured. Beautiful fabrics!!

  67. Sherry said

    Ohhh pick me!

  68. Tricia McCammack said

    Sounds great!

  69. The dress
    Hope I win

  70. Courtney said

    Oh my – I NEED one of those dresses for my little girl!!!! So cute and you are very talented!

    Thanks for offering this awesome opportunity for the giveaway! You are very generous! Good luck to all!

  71. Susan Chester said

    I would love to win the dress for my little grandaughter.

  72. Jenna said

    Oh I would love to win! My sister is due in March with her first baby (a girl) so I would let her choose between the sling and the dress!

  73. Reeva said

    GREAT giveaway! I really want to win!! šŸ™‚

  74. Mama Zen said

    I’d love a dress for my little girl!

  75. tara said

    those are beautiful. would love to be put in your contest.

  76. Lesha said

    Thanks for the giveaway šŸ™‚

  77. Melanie said

    That little dress is so sweet!

  78. Kim C said

    Wowza, gorgeous sling! I need one. šŸ™‚
    Pick me!


  79. Amy M. said

    That dress is ADORABLE – the sling is too but my little one is almost 3 so the dress is SCREAMING out to me lol

  80. Jaime said

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  81. Jen Thomas said

    I totally want a ring sling! I hope to need it soon too! Love keeping up with your blogs and am so excited for your new little one! love ya!

  82. Meg said

    That dress is adorable! My two year old would love it! And congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!

  83. jayedee said

    what an absolutely wonderful giveaway! please throw my name into the hat too! good luck everyone!

  84. Katie said

    The dress/shirt is so cute!

  85. Susan said

    I would love the sling, it is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. Heather said

    I would love the sling! I am due with #3 in Aug.

  87. Heather said

    I am due with #3 in Aug I would love the sling!

  88. April Menking said

    I would love to have a sling! Thanks!

  89. Melanie said

    I’d love the dress for a 6 year old! What cute fabric!

  90. Julie L. said

    Wow–what a wonderful contest! I found out about it from Shabby Miss Jenn’s blog….and your creations are beautiful! I’d love to join the fun contest!


  91. Bree said

    Ohh- please enter me! Thanks!

  92. Brittany said

    I would LOVE a ring sling! It is absolutely gorgeous. I have a couple of baby carriers, but no ring slings and baby #3 is on the way! Thank you!

  93. Yen said

    OH wow! That is a beauty:) I’d love to enter! I’m in Asia but I can give it to a friend who will surely like it who lives in SF IF I win:)

  94. Billie said

    I would LOVE a ring sling! I’m due in May and tried making one. It wasn’t pretty. LOL. I would love to win one!

  95. What an adorable dress! My girls would love a cute little dress like that! They are 4 and 6 and close to the same size so they could share it lol! I’d love to enter šŸ™‚

  96. leon rosborough,sr said


  97. Mommy said

    Please enter me! The dress is what I would pick. So cute! Thank you for giving away such a nice prize. šŸ™‚

  98. Teri said

    Oh my! I would love to have either of the prizes! They are gorgeous – still waiting on our miracle baby though šŸ™‚

  99. Yvette F. said

    This is so much fun. I’m going to look at the website. Love your work!!

  100. Naomi said

    gorgeous sling! so’s the dress. tough call…

  101. Liz said

    I would really love to use a sling! I have owned one before, but I think it is about time! Thanks!

  102. Linda said

    please enter me

  103. Dara said

    oh my gosh, I don’t know how I’d decide on one or the other!! count me in!

  104. Marcia said

    Wow I really need to learn how to make stuff.

  105. Qtpies7~ said

    I love slings, but I also could use a dress for my dd. But I’d probably go for the sling! Or the dress.
    Definately one or the other!

  106. Becca said

    I love the sling! Either dark or light is nice. Thank you so much!

  107. Karmyn R said

    I’m expecting in May – a sling would be so awesome!

  108. Bailey's Leaf said

    A beautiful dress in a 6 would be fantastic! Thank you!

  109. Sweetanlo said

    I would like a dress for my 2 year old sister.

  110. Michelle said

    I’m expecting in a few weeks and would love a ring sling! Great prize!

  111. Jen Shipp said

    I’m the 109th one to comment!!?? Wow!

  112. Sarah L. said

    I know somebody that could put that sling to good use! Love ya Kimmie!


  113. Camille said

    How Cute!

  114. Fiona said

    The sling would be great for my sister-in-law expecting her first baby in a few weeks

  115. Sileena said

    I could go for either one. I always love me some homemade girly dresses. I’d love to win!

  116. Jennifer said

    I’d love the dress! I already have 2 slings. : )

  117. Allison said

    I would love a sling! Count me in please. Thanks!

  118. Trisha said

    The sling is fantastic–thank you for the chance!

  119. Lisa said

    Such a hard choice! I would be absolutely THRILLED with either item! Your little model is so cute and the sling looks fantastic! Thank you for you having such a generous giveaway! I would LOVE to win!

    Thanks again!

  120. Sheila said

    Oh Count me in! I would love a sling like that! Thanks!

  121. Mama May said

    I am in need of a new sling! My now 2 year old has completely worn out my first one and now with baby number two due in May I am going to need another one soon!

  122. fizzledink said

    I’d love a sling! I’ve been wearing my almost-two-year-old since he was born. Your sling is beautiful! I’d like light colored fabrics – the one sling I own is navy blue linen so it would be nice to have something totally different.

    Thanks for the chance!

  123. andrea said

    What a GREAT giveaway! I love both. I’d love the sling though. =) Please enter me to win.

  124. Anita said

    I have a good friend who’s a new mom and who would probably really enjoy that sling (My son is 17 and, well, at 6’1″, a bit large for one…hehe!)

    Count me in!
    Thanks for doing this…

  125. Sheryl said

    I love your sling! I’m hoping for one of these with baby #3. Thank you!

  126. pineymama said

    Enter me in your giveaway, please. Thank you!

  127. Chas said

    If I knew I was going to have another baby I’d totally pick the sling, but since I have no way of knowing, the dress would be so cute on my little girl!!


  128. Kim said

    I WON! I WON!
    I mean… PICK ME! PICK ME!


  129. kelly said

    My sister is due in June and she would love a sling!

  130. Hi! Just found your blog – such cute stuff. I have two of my own princesses at home who would LOVE new dresses.

  131. Noreen said

    so sweet I love the sling and the dress, up to what weight is the sling good for?

  132. Susanne said

    Both are really cute!! Thanks

  133. Oh my goodness I would love that sling! How beautiful!

  134. Rebecca said

    Oh what a cute dress! The ring sling is cute too but I don’t use them. My daughter is 15 mos but will be 18 mos by the time it’s warm around here. I like bright colors on her, esp in the summer. She’s a blondie with blue eyes. Thanks!

  135. Renee Johnson said

    I love both but would definately pick the the sling. We found out this week we are expecting a boy and it would be perfect. Your daughter is darling šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great contest and Good Luck Everyone šŸ™‚

  136. Bri said

    I would love a sling. The one in the photo is the most beautiful I have seen!

  137. momof2dancers said

    I’d love the dress, very cute!

  138. michelle said

    aww i wish i had a lil girl but the sling will work too lol

  139. What a cute dress. Please enter me.

  140. victoria said

    my little girlie is almost 4 so a dress to go with red bouncy curls would be nifty šŸ˜‰

  141. Anelys said

    I would LOVE the dress for my soon to be 2 year old!! I have been looking for a nice summer dress for her pool birthday party!! This is the best giveaway so far!!!

  142. Tisa said

    Very cute! Thanks for the giveaway! ~ šŸ™‚

  143. piseco said

    We’ve got plenty of slings but I love the looks of your pillowcase style dress! Thanks for the contest!

  144. erika said

    ah yes, i LOVE the bloggy giveaway carnival!! we would love a new ring sling! šŸ™‚ that little dress is adorable too!

  145. Julie said

    I really like the dress, I have two little girls.

  146. tanyamt said

    I would love to win a sling!

  147. Christina said

    I would love a ring sling like that.

  148. My four year old daughter would love a new dress. Iā€™d love to be entered.

    BTW Iā€™m giving away two prizes at my blog šŸ™‚


  149. jenarow said

    I love the contests too. I have two ring slings that I love, so I would want the dress. It is absolutely adorable, as is your model!

    jenarow at yahoo dot com

  150. Terry said

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  151. Michelle said

    I’d love to try the ring sling — I have a 7 month old baby girl and it would be handy! Thanks for the chance to win! mlciavola(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  152. Andrea said

    Ohhh, I’d LOVE to win a sling! I’m a babywearing momma all the way! šŸ™‚

  153. Lora said

    My little girl would love the dress!

  154. badsheep said

    What beautiful models. Either one would do for me.

    taowyn (at) gmail (dot) com

  155. Jennifer said

    I would love a sling. I have a 3 month old, and she is getting heavy to carry around in her carseat, or just to carry.

    Jennifer (

  156. Sarah Berry said

    I’d love a sling please enter me. Thanks

  157. kathie said

    count me in please

  158. Sarah said

    I’d love a ring sling. I have a New Native pouch sling, which is good for running into the store really quickly, and a Mei Tai style which was good for all day babywearing when my 3rd was smaller, but I’ve never bought a ring sling. All my babywearing friends swear by it as their favorite. DS will be 2 next month and still practically lives on my hip, which is fine by me–especially if I can give him a boost with a ring sling! Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. Tanya said

    I would love the sling!

  160. Krista said

    That dress is ADORABLE! I have a boy, but I would love to bless my best friend with one of these for her little girl who is the same age as my son!

  161. Cute dress!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  162. AA said

    I’d love a ring sling, dark or light. I’d love to gift this to the intended parents of the surro baby I am carrying (he’s due in two months!). I know they don’t have a sling yet and I have been wanting to find them one as I remember how useful mine was with my babes! TY!! surrogacyrocks at yahoo dot com

  163. Summer said

    a sling would be cool

  164. Meleah said

    I would love either, my twins are a year old and getting bigger every day so I need all the help carrying them that I can get. That being said, that dress is just too cute for words and I would love to see my little girl rockin’ it this summer. Please count me in and thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  165. hslater351 said

    Oh my GOODNESS your sling and dress (and you and your daughter) are ADORABLE!! I’m really impressed (and bookmarking your site IMMEDIATELY!)

  166. Tara said

    oh my word! a sling OR a dress would be wonderful!

  167. Kelli said

    Oh my! I love them both… so amazingly cute. I would love the sling though. Great give away!!

    JOYfully in Him,

  168. please enter us!! thanks so much!!

  169. Maren said

    Very cool! love the sling!

  170. Jenn said

    I’d love to win a sling!!!

  171. Rebecca said

    I love the little dress – so cute!

  172. Hi Kim šŸ˜‰ What a fun idea!

  173. Ellen said

    Love the dress! sign me up!

  174. Annie said

    I’d love a dress for my baby girl! She’ll be one by summer, but she is a fatty already, not at all like my stringbean little guy. I’ve already got 2 slings. You are awesome! Look at all of your replies! Everyone loves free stuff.

  175. heather h said

    Wow, this is a seriously generous giveaway. Thank you for sharing your creativity. I haven’t tried a ring sling like this–mine is a pouch and getting too small for my little one! I’d LOVE to win. Thank you so much!

  176. Erika said

    Very fun!!! Please count me in! Love the sling!

  177. Romie said

    Would love the dress for my girl. No yellow or oranges – but anything else.

  178. Elisabeth said

    Adorable dress!

  179. Lois said

    OOOWWWWW. What a great giveaway. I’d love the RS!!!

    Come visit my giveaway at Goodies for Mom.


  180. Tara said

    I have a sling that I haven’t figured out how to use. However, I do love that little dress! šŸ™‚

  181. Marly said

    Sign me up, please!

  182. Meg said

    The dress is my pick! I like any color…but my little girl looks especially cute in blue. :0)

  183. Theresa N. said

    I’d love to win this!!

  184. Katie said

    Yay, I’m so glad you changed it to Saturday!!

    I LOVE both.. I’ll have to decide if I win, you’re amazing that you can sew such beautiful things!

    Do you have a store? Because my three daughters all fit into the size range you mentioned šŸ˜€

    Of cuorse… I would like a sling too.. hmmm… so hard

  185. Caryn said

    The sling is awesome!!

  186. Please enter me in your contest

  187. kpeacock said

    I’d like to win this as a baby gift for a friend.

  188. Amity said

    I would love the dress for my 2 yr old..just because I already have 2 slings šŸ™‚

  189. Tami said

    A dress would be wonderful for my 7 month old!

  190. Shay said

    Oh please sign me up. Gorgeous!!!

  191. Virginia said

    Precious giveaways!

  192. Tiffany said

    I have always wanted a sling! Would love one!

  193. Brandy said

    I would love a dress for my 3 year old! Unfortunately she’s gotten too independent for me to wear her. šŸ™‚

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