Christmas Knitting

You know, I always set really lofty goals for myself for Christmas knitting and am always really disappointed when I don’t have everything done.  This year is no exception.  I have nothing finished to give to people for Christmas, and I have a lot I want to have finished.  I had really big goals, but I have changed them a bit…possibly more realistic, but only time will tell.

I want to finish S’s Wallaby.  I am making very slow progress on the sleeves…but I think once those are done, it will be pretty simple, I will attach them, do the yoke and the hood and be done.  Hope springs eternal doesn’t it?

I also want to finish J’s socks, but I had to completely rip one of them out while we were on our trip to Kansas.  I realized that they were just going to be way too small and I couldn’t live in that denial any longer.  So, I’ve started over on those.  I guess if I don’t get them done for Christmas, I can always aim for his birthday in February.  I really also want to get his hat done for him too.

I am making some longies for A, and really want to knit a bear for her also.  We’ll see though.

I did finish something on our trip though.  I made the Baby Saartje Bootees for my new niece.  So, that is the picture you will get!  She is 2 weeks old in this photo and is just the sweetest baby.  Yes, it is making me VERY baby hungry.


Here is a photo of her in her cap that I knit for her also.


Oh boy, my uterus aches I want a little one so badly!


We had a great trip.  I will do a post soon of pictures from our vacation.  We ate a lot (I gained 5 lbs!), laughed a lot, and had a generally fantastic time!

Oh, and that blanket baby C is wearing?  SO CUTE!  My mil knit it for her.  It is seed stitch borders around stockinette squares.  I love it!


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