Proud Mama

I had a very proud moment this morning that I just had to share with all of you. My sweet son, sweet 3 year old, do you see him? He’s so sweet…so innocent…


Out of his mouth came the most foul word today. He was playing and he said, “F$@#”. I looked at him and said, “What did you say??” He said it again. Now, lest you think he heard this from anyone in our house, we don’t say that word. Yeah, he’ll hear an occasional shit or damn, but never the f word. He was playing around with words and came up with that one. So here is how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: Sweetie, that is a really, really, really bad word.
S: What is? F*&$?
Me: Yes. So, I don’t want to ever hear you say that again. If you choose to say it again, you will be in really big trouble because you know it’s a bad word now.
S: No Mom, I don’t know that f*&# is a bad word.
Me: yes you do.
S: Is Buck a bad word?
Me: No
S: Is Truck a bad word?
Me: No.

And it continues. He keeps coming up with words that rhyme asking if they are bad words. Oh he is just a goof.

yes, this was a very proud moment. My son saying the f word for the first time…at 3.



  1. ladydove said

    Hmm well my guy’s favorite word was damn-it…. wonder where he got that from (/glares at the hubby)

    Now the 5 year old girl when she was 3-ish, would say sandwich and it came out sounding like damnit each and ever time.. so what do you do then when they sound like they are swearing all over their lunch?

    At Mcdonalds with lots of people around.
    Her: i wanna it. I wanna it. I wanna damnit!
    Me: You want a sandwich?
    Her: Dah (yes) damnich! (she tried)
    Me: Do you want chicken nuggets, instead?
    Her: Dah, I wanna ticken fugkets.

    I gave up after that and told her to sit down lol

  2. musicangel7 said

    Emma said shit once, I don’t remember what I did, but now she is talking about boobs. No clue where that came from. The baby isn’t even born yet so it’s not from breast feeding and she hasn’t been to my neighbors since before her baby was born so I am stumped! Once at play group she asked me if my boobs were on. I had to explain that I had just done all the laundry and Emma was helping me find a bra that morning. Boy was I embarrassed!

  3. lori said

    Oh no – the closest we’ve gotten so far is “darngit”. I’m crossing my fingers that when it happens, I’ll be at home.

  4. Tola said

    oh my!!!

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