I’m rethinking my Clapotis. No, I’m still doing it, but the yarn I was using just wasn’t speaking to me for the Clap. Oh and before I go any further, in response to Tina – I was going to just knit the outer most stitches every time in the Thunderstorm colorway. But, that is neither here nor there as I am not using that yarn anymore. Like I said, it didn’t feel right in my hands for this project. so, I went to Yarn Today today and found the perfect yarn for my project. I typically steer away from Plymouth yarns. I don’t know why, I’ve never had a bad experience with them…I just don’t go straight to them, so I often forget they are even there. I was getting a bit frustrated (as were my children, the toys were losing their appeal after an hour of Mom searching!), and was about to just get my store credit (yes, I took back the Majestic fibers…I couldn’t afford to keep that and get something else) when I saw it. The perfect yarn. It isn’t a color I normally even would look at for myself, purple, but it just jumped off the shelf at me and said, “KNIT ME!”. How could I refuse? I grabbed the only 3 skeins of it and had them order me 2 more! Look at this!

I am just beyond thrilled about this yarn, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yipee!!!

This week marks my 1 year blogaversary! So….comment here and I will have the boy draw a name on Sunday and the lucky person will win something grand. If you knit it will be yarn, if you are a sewer, I will send you some great fabric. So, there is something for everyone!!! šŸ˜€



  1. Tina - Ladydove said

    I’ll stick my clapotis in my knitting bag so if I see you this week or next week or some year in the future, I can show you what it looks like with shadow/doubled. I think, for me personally that I would have rather knitted it from the weight of galway. It would give it some substance. I’m not a scarf person, but I think I tie scarves with ‘warm’ and shawls with ‘lacy’ Thus when my scarf turned out super duper light weight I just wasn’t’ happy with it and it was definitely not big enough for a shawl.

    I’m using Encore to knit my sister in law a purple entrelac triangle shawl (I hope) I would have went with galway but I just know it would end up in the wash….

  2. Tina - Ladydove said

    *Edit: Whoops, Shimmer doubled not Shadow.

  3. Nicole said

    Happy blogiversary!

    I’ve been wanting to knit the Clap, but haven’t found the ‘right’ yarn yet… sigh. Glad you found yours! It is beautiful!

  4. Nicole said

    Ooh, I want to see this! I really do need to work out a sleepover. I need some full late night knitting! šŸ™‚

  5. Kim said

    Well Nicole, we have Thursday night knit night up here…you need a mental health break, right???

  6. Tola said

    good luck on the Clap! im not sure, but i think YT’s Thursday night knit has been changed to the park (?) call Rita and verify.

  7. Lori said

    i love the give-aways because it shows just how many of there are lurking out there. šŸ™‚

  8. Tola said

    2 things: 1, YT’s knit night is at the store this week. too cold for the park. 2, YT got some new colourways of Plymouth Galway. Also some new sock yarn. that is all

  9. Tola said

    Trekking 126

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