Here is a little knitting I’ve been doing lately…

First, is this Sweet Baby Cap. I am really close to finishing it. It may even happen tonight! 😀

Next up are some longies for my darling daughter. I’ve tried several times to do longies, but always get messed up at the legs. Not this time though, I refuse! I’m using some Peace Fleece (don’t know the colorway, it was a gift from my sil) for the waistband and cuffs, and Malabrigo Noviembre for the main part of the pants. I love this yarn!!!

And finally….I was traded some yarn today for garden veggies from Shoeless Val! This is some beautiful organic cotton…time for me to make a Presto Chango for my wee one! By the way, that pattern was designed by Val! I feel so special 🙂

I am also getting enough Peace Fleece to do a Wonderful Wallaby for both the kids. S’s will be done in Shaba Green (his choice!) and A’s will be done with Blueberry Borscht.

Today I got some great mail too!!! I entered into the Fall Favorites Swap and got my package today!!!
I got a pillow (hand made!), tea towel, fall scented candles, Halloween cookie cutters and sprinkles, fall tattoos (S loves those!!), popcorn balls and a cute poem and ghost to do the Phantom with my neighborhood. For those of us not from Utah (I’ve never seen this done outside of this state), the phantom is something where you give your neighbors treats in October, they have to put the ghost up in their windows and give treats to someone else. The hope is that everyone in the neighborhood gets a yummy treat. It’s pretty fun to do! We may have to use the cookie cutters to do our phantoming 😉

And…what I’ve been up to this weekend…

Yep, peaches. My friend Heidi and I bought 4 bushels of peaches (that’s a lot of peaches!). On Saturday and Monday we bottled 43 quarts of peaches, and got 5 quart size freezer bags full too! That’s a lot of peaches!!! I really want to eat them, but I have to wait until I can’t get fresh peaches anymore. Next up…Apples!

Are you ready Heidi?? I am! (by the way, for those who don’t know what I look like, that is not me…I only wish I were as cute as Heidi!)


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  1. Kelly said

    Heidi is brave! Peaches in a white shirt?!!

    Wish I could be there in the kitchen with you. My peach stash is decidedly low this year after the freak freeze in May.

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