Yesterday my baby turned 1 (I originally wrote today, but then realized that I wrote this on Sunday, not Saturday!). I will share “then and now” pictures with you all. Warning, this is pretty picture heavy! We all had a fabulous day celebrating both Seth and Amelia’s birthdays. Enjoy.

The kids had to eat their pizza in the coolest place, the bottom of the big basketball hoop Seth got (thanks Bea and Ryan!)

And finally, our newest edition to the family, Josie.



  1. Isela: Purling Sprite said

    Happy Birthday :). I enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

  2. elsanne said

    OMG how very cute is Amelia on her birthday!!!! She looks adorable, mama. And the doll is great!!!

  3. Tina - Ladydove said

    She’s so cute, and she has the best birthday. June 24th =) It’s mine too.

    Tina another logan-gal

  4. Lori said

    Looks like she got the “chocolate cake” gene from you. 😉

    What a wonderful time! I promise to never commit to something the same weekend as a Borchert Bash.

  5. Kim said

    Yeah, she got the chocolate gene from Mommy. Except, she was having more fun painting herself with it than eating it! She is a nut!

  6. Shabby Miss Jenn said

    HAPPYIESTEST BIRTHDAY WISHES TO THE CUUUTEST GIRL!!!!!! Your kiddies are soooo totally cute it’s soo not funny! Enter them into contests! LOL Did you get my goodie in the mail?

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