And this is why I knit. I made the fingerless glo…

And this is why I knit. I made the fingerless gloves and gave them to my good friend Heather. She is a very sweet and sassy girl who knows how to wear fingerless gloves 🙂 I called her at about 10 last night (after I wove in the last end) and told her I was coming over. She lives in the building next to mine, so I walked over. I really have wanted to do something for her for so long. She has (numerous times) brought us steak, soup and other various goods. I gave them to her and she was THRILLED! She just couldn’t believe that I’d knit them for her.
So, that is why I knit. I love to knit for people who really appreciate it. People who will adore what I’ve knit for them and will wear it with pride. This is why I knit. It’s for the love, for the yarn, for those I love.



  1. Valerie said

    That’s wonderful! How nice of you to share your precious handknits and how great to have an appreciative recipient.

  2. Lori said

    Lucky Heather! Too bad I live 3 buildings away. 😉 But, you don’t want to come over. All I have to offer you is a cold – and who wants that?

  3. ali said

    What a great post! And what a great act of knitting kindness, may you be blessed in return because o it!

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