Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I had a fabulous birthd…

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I had a fabulous birthday (on the 11th) and party yesterday!! Oh my goodness, you all will be so JEALOUS when I tell you what my husband did. But first…A’s sweater!

Here it is blocking on the 11th. After this I had to do the hood, all the seaming and buttons! It took me almost another week to get that done. Life just gets so crazy!!

But…VOILA! I finished it!! My goal was to have it done for my party at 3:00 on the 17th. I weaved in the last end at about 11 am!

And, it gets better…look at it on my BABY!!

Here are the specs –
Yarn: Patons Marino Regency colorway and Cascade 220 Brown Heather colorway.
Needles: Size 7 and 8’s Knit Picks Options
Baby: Just too cute for words 🙂

Ok, now to my party.

Look at what my Mom made for me. I don’t really have a great place for it in my little apartment (but it is on my wall). I think it is just so cute though!

So, my husband can be pretty darn creative. He made me a wonderful cake, invited tons of my family and friends…and surprised me. I was beyond surprised really. We have a friend, Mike (Lori‘s husband) who is a graphic artist. He and Mike have been working on something since Thursday. He kept joking with me telling me it was a marble sculpture of me. Ooh, that is something I want 🙂
So, imagine my surprise when he comes into the room where my party was being held and said that he had a surprise for me. And… I needed to go outside. So, out I went with everyone looking so excited…and this is what I saw

A PINATA that looked like YARN! WOW, that is so cool! Just to give you an idea of how big it was, here’s a picture of it next to my head 😉

So, I start swinging at this thing, and all the sudden Nicole and Stephanie get a bit nervous looking, converse and tell me to stop. One of Stephanie’s kids goes to their van and gets out a big blanket and they put it under the pinata. I start thinking..could this be what I think it is?? Could it be that there isn’t candy in here?? Could it be something else?? I dared not to hope, but just kept whacking away (and letting all the kiddos there do the same).

When it finally opened…here is what I found

30 BALLS, SKEINS and HANKS OF YARN!!!!!! OH.MY.GOSH! I was stunned, happy, no, really, those words don’t do justice to how I was feeling. I had sock yarn, worsted weight, bulky, you name it…all sorts of wooly goodness!!! I got the pink and brown Lorna’s Laces that I was coveting over at Simply Sock Yarn, I got Socks that Rock January One Colorway (ooh, I love that!), I got some fabulous Rowan, Manos Del Uruguay, and lots of others!!! 30 balls for 30 years.

Here I am at home, in my bed, with my yarn. I love my husband! He totally surprised me. Now he has 10 years before he has to top himself 😉



  1. Shabby Miss Jenn said

    OMG are you the cuuuutest girl ever!!!!!!

    DANG Woman! Look at that cuuuuuute sweater! OMG Princess looks “Uh-Maaaaaazing” in it! LOOOOVE THAT! You are soooo darn talented girl!!!!!

  2. Isela: Purling Sprite said

    Wow, wow!
    Let’s start from the beginning: The little sweater is so cute! It looks great on your little one.

    Your Mom’s present: Awesome! I need one of those with a ps at the very bottom: do not ask for anything while I am sitting, hehehe.

    Your hubby’s surprise: he rocks! That is just soooo darn great! I shall show my hubby–my 30th birthday cometh soon.

    Happy birthday!

  3. miss juice said

    Wow, that sweater is gorgeous! Almost as gorgeous as your kids 🙂

    What an awesome birthday party and gift – you look so so happy.

    And seriously, that sweater is gorgeous. I’m jealous.

  4. Jean said

    Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful party. What a good man you have! And the yarn pinata is the best idea ever.

    The sweater is so adorable. It’s a very cute pattern but I think what really makes it so special is your yarn choices. I love those colors, like chocolate and raspberries. What a great idea to combine them like that!

  5. Kitty Mommy said

    Wow! What a cool gift! Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it!

    Adorable sweater and sweater wearer too!

  6. Lori said

    Your party was so fun… and so much more fun because I helped stuff that baby. I love the pink stuff Nicole gave you (those big balls). I need me some of that as it would make the coziest hat and scarf. Happy Birthday and HOLY MOLY!

  7. Marly said

    THAT TOTALLY ROCKS! I turn Thirty in November and I am sending my husband this post so he can see what I am expecting!

    Happy B-Day Chica!


  8. Kim said

    Awesome Marly!!! I know you are not the only one to do this. Dh says that he is going to start getting hate mail now. Only from the men, he’ll get love letters from the women! 🙂

  9. Valerie said

    Holy Cow! Look at you, rolling around in yarn. A yarn pinata? What a fun and creative gift. (Note to self: must… not… COVET!!!!)

    Your ChildHood is beautiful. I agree with Jean–your color choices are fantastic.

  10. The Reed Family said

    I love that sweater. I am so jealous of your talent! LOL I know I could do it, I just have to learn that is all. All I can do is hats and scarves at this point. She looks absolutely gorgeous in it! Your mom’s present rocks! Jer gets the big prize! That was not only so totally creative but very thoughtful!! I hope that you have oodles of fun with all that! I know you will make lots of wonderful things with it!

  11. ali said

    Oh my! That is the coolest gift ever!!! what a guy!
    You are a blessed woman. Have fun with all that yarn,

  12. Heather said

    That sweater is just yummy! Almost as yummy as the baby wearing it. You should visit my friends blog. She’s a knitter and I think you’d love it.


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