I have come to accept something this weekend. I a…

I have come to accept something this weekend. I am a slow knitter, and that’s o.k. That last part, the part about it being ok, is very hard for me to accept. I want to be done with socks fast. I think my main problem is that the first pair of socks I knit were with worsted weight yarn. That makes for a relatively quick knit. But, now I am doing socks on needles sizes 2 and 3, and well, it’s not so fast. So, I am a slow knitter, and that’s o.k. (I will keep telling myself this until I believe it.) My biggest problem is that I read some great blogs, women who are fantastic knitters. They have been knitting for a long time, I have not. I need to have more patience with myself, right?? Here are some pictures of my slow knitting.

These are the Jaywalkers that never end (sung to the tune of “This is the song that never ends”)

Here is the back of the sweater I’m making for A. I am a little irritated because there is some pooling happening here. It got worse as I finished the back. One side is all pink and red and the other is brown and orange. It happened after I bound off for the armholes. I started on the front tonight and it is happening again! ARGH! It makes me want to SCREAM!

S asked me if when I am done with A’s sweater, I’d make him one. I told him that I would and that he could help me pick out the yarn for it. He wants it black. Black?? Really?? He’s 2, what does he know? 😉

And, here is something that makes me love knitting. Alpaca booties for my darling daughter. They knit up so fast and they make me feel like I’m not a slow knitter. Even though I know I am…I can kid myself!

Now, on a non-knitting note…the sun is finally shining and it is warm here! It was 45 degrees today, 45 gloriously warm degrees here today!!! The kids and I went outside and it was SO nice! S is working on potty training…he told me that he would do it if he had an Elmo seat. Well, I got him an Elmo seat and he stayed dry all day!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!



  1. Margene said

    The booties are darling. Remember what you love about knitting…it must be that the process of knittig spoke to you and at one time, in the beginning, you enjoyed wrapping the yarn around the needles and watching the knitting. Remember it is the process you love. It all take time…enjoy each stitch, each step

  2. Shabby Miss Jenn said

    They say patience is a virtue..one thing is for sure darling..you are one INCREDIBLY TALENTED Knitter!!!!! WOW!!!!! I’m soooo still in awe! Just keep enjoying it babes! You ROCK!

  3. Jeri said

    Cute cute booties. What is the pattern?

    And tell your dear hubbie he did good on the birthday present

  4. Kim said

    Oh, sorry I forgot to mention what pattern I used! Here it is – http://megan.cc/SeamlessBootee/

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