15 days until my birthday. The big 3-0. I am pre…

15 days until my birthday. The big 3-0. I am pretty excited about my birthday this year. Heck, I always love my birthday. No diapers to change, no children to really take care of (all I have to do is nurse A). I really enjoy my birthday.
So, in the spirit of my birthday (and to give some hints to my sweet husband) here are some things that I hope I get this year!
1. Addi Turbo needles, size 0 and 1, 40 inch cable. I love doing socks in the magic loop, but I don’t have these sizes of needles yet! You can only knit so much on 2’s and 3’s! 🙂
2. This yarn. Those who know me shouldn’t be surprised, my two favorite colors!
3. Any of this yarn
4. And, any of this yarn – this is especially yummy stuff! I’ve blogged about it before.
5. Of course, I always love gift certificates to my lys (Local Yarn Store, Jer) my two favorites are Black Sheep Wool and/or Soul Spun Yarn. This way I could take a class or two 🙂
6. This is something I have been wanting for a while now. Of course, my husband (the engineer) thinks he can make me one that is electric…we’ll see!
7. And, how could I have number 6 without this?!?!
8. I also adore this sock yarn. My sister in law, Stephanie got some from Santa, it is just heavenly! Sadly, it is usually sold out since she hand dyes and spins it!
9. I would love a gift certificate to this store
10. Or this one

So, I originally started this list with 5 things, I have since added on 5 more 🙂 It is my top ten wishlist, but in no particular order. Even if I don’t get any of those things, it is fun to look for them and think of what I would want 🙂

And, as promised, 30 things about me will be coming soon. I have to think of 30 things first! heehee!



  1. Nicole said

    Hey that first link doesn’t work and I WANT to see the yarn! Don’t tease me in this way!!

  2. Kim said

    Ok Nicole, it is fixed now! 🙂 Get ready to drool!!!

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