Look at the hats!!! This is the Earwarmer Cap fro…

Look at the hats!!! This is the Earwarmer Cap from Little Turtle Knits. I knit the two oatmeal ones in Lambs Pride Bulky and the red one in Lambs Pride worsted. I think they turned out wonderful!!! Aren’t my models fantastic also? These are being modeled by my nieces and nephew, M, A and J. They are great sports…especially J as he wanted to be starting a movie right then! 🙂 I tried to get my sweet little S to model, but he just wouldn’t have it. So, M stepped in…she loves to get her picture taken! 😀
Now, I am off to the PO tomorrow to mail these to my dear friend Shannon. I hope she loves them as much as I do!!
Now, my brother pointed out that this isn’t the best picture of the hats. It doesn’t show the details and all that jazz. I’ll get a picture of them up close, I promise. Just not tonight…I’m tired. I’ll do it in the morning before I go to the PO. I was just very excited to show them!


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  1. Stephanie said

    Oh, I like the picture just the way it is…of course they are 3 of my many kiddos!

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