Ugg. These silly socks. I started doing the Jayw…

Ugg. These silly socks. I started doing the Jaywalker socks for Jeremy toe up. Remember that? Well, the pattern wasn’t working out and they were HUGE, so I ripped them out. Then, I did a swatch (should have done it in the first place) and I had the right gauge. So, I decided to do it cuff down (maybe for some odd reason the toe up is my problem). Well, last night I re-checked my gauge in the pattern. I should have 38 stitches/4 inches. What do I have? 34 stitches/4 inches! How did that happen?!?!?! What’s a girl to do? Wait until I have the $12 for new needles. Then I will get myself these in a 40 inch size 1. So…these socks will have to wait.

I cast on my first cable knit purse. It is really cute and I am having fun learning to do cables. I am also still working on this scarf. I really don’t love doing scarves I’ve decided. It’s a little too monotonous for me. But, I will be glad when it’s done and I get a great new scarf in exchange!

Oh yeah…I also joined another magic ball of yarn swap! I know that I have some great yarn that I can swap. Yipee!!!


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