So, I love to knit. It’s a bit of an obsession. …

So, I love to knit. It’s a bit of an obsession. I decided that instead of boring people (who want to read about my family) with all my knitting antics…I’d start a blog just for my knitted goods. So, here it is!

I just finished my first pair of socks and ADORE them! I knit them out of a worsted weight Cascade 220 yarn. It is so yummy and they are SO warm!

Now, I am knitting socks for Jeremy. They will be crimson and blue…yes, Jayhawk socks! And I am also knitting a scarf and a bag. So, I have a bit on my needles right now and plan on putting lots more on! I have lots of holiday knitting to do and I don’t want to get so far behind that I am knitting while I should be enjoying the festivities! Of course I can’t devulge what I am knitting for people…because then they would know! However, I can say that I am knitting socks, bags, hats and scarves. So…good luck guessing what you’re getting! 😀

So, about the socks I’m doing for Jeremy. They are going to be fun. The socks I did for myself are traditional cuff down socks. This means that I start from the top of the cuff and work my way to the toe. Well, Jer’s socks are toe up socks! So, I start with the toe and work my way up. Definately different, but I love a good challenge! Stephanie is on the cuff of hers and I think that these will be a lot of fun. One nice thing about them is that you can customize them a little more to the wearer. Here is what they look like right now. I know, I’ve done a lot. I should be done with them in no time! 😀 heehee!

I have a confession. I hate to clean. I am really unorganized. And…it gets worse when I am knitting. I cleaned my table yesterday, so it is realtively clean…but normally, I have loads of books, yarn, needles, patterns, burp cloths, booger suckers (you know those little bulb things?), tissue, cups, empty soda name it…piled on my end table. The table isn’t even that big, so it makes it even worse! How do others stay organized? I just don’t.

I am making a few of these bags as Christmas presents. They are quick and easy. So, that is one thing that is on my needles. Another project I have is a scarf. I joined a scarf exchange this year on a knitting forum I am on. It should be fun. It will be made with a really pretty moss green wool and a fun eyelash yarn. It will nice and fuzzy. I am finding however…I don’t really like scarves. They take a long time and it is the same stinking stitch over and over and over. Good thing I have other projects to keep me sane!
Oh and one more bag I found tonight that I must make. Isn’t that just divine?? Pink and brown anyone?? Yes, I LOVE pink and brown.

Ok…A is getting fussy, so I have to go play Mom now. More knitting later!



  1. Shabby Miss Jenn said

    WOW! Those are AWESOME!!!!

  2. Lori Van Wagoner said

    Oh man… just what I need. Another blog to check. If my boss only knew how many blogs I had bookmarked he’d just die. 🙂

    The socks look great! I am impressed. I’ll bring my scarf over to show you. I cannot imagine knitting 800 rows. I cast on only 60 and I’ve gone through 2 1/2 balls of yarn. I got a lot done this weekend, but I am still only 1/2 there… someday I will love it as much as you. Miles and miles of orange is really becoming a chore.

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